100 Useful Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Notepad ++ Keyword Shortcuts

Notepad++ an efficient, powerful, and open-source text editor supports keyword shortcuts for a common operation. There are hundreds of shortcuts available including the most common Ctrl C and Ctrl V.

Let’s check some important ones below.

File Menu

Below are shortcuts under the file menu.

Ctrl+ NCreate new document
Ctrl+ OOpen existing document
Ctrl+ SSave the active document
Ctrl+ Alt+ SSave the active document as
Ctrl+ Shift+ SSave all active documents
Ctrl+ WClose active document
Ctrl+ PPrint the active document
Ctrl+ Shift+ TRestore recent closed document
Alt+ F4Exit

Edit Menu

Below are shortcuts under the edit menu.

Ctrl+ ZUndo
Ctrl+ YRedo
Ctrl+ XCut
Ctrl+ CCopy
Ctrl+ VPaste
DelDelete selected text
Ctrl+ ASelect All
Alt+ CColumn editor


TabIncrease Line Indent
Shift+ TabDecrease Line Indent


Ctrl+ Shift+ UUpper Case
Ctrl+ ULower Case

Line Operations

Ctrl+ DDuplicate current line
Ctrl+ ISplit Line
Ctrl+ JJoin Lines
Ctrl+ Shift+ UPMove up current line
Ctrl+ Shift+ DownMove down current line
Ctrl+ Alt+ EnterInsert blank line above the current
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ EnterInsert blank line below the current


Ctrl+ QToggle single line comment
Ctrl+ KSingle line comment
Ctrl+ Shift+ KSingle line uncomment
Ctrl+ Shift+ QBlock comment


Ctrl+ SpacebarFunction completion
Ctrl+ EnterWord completion
Ctrl+ Shift+ SpacebarFunction parameters hint
Ctrl+ Alt+ SpacebarPath completion


Ctrl+ FFind
Ctrl+ Shift+ FFind in files
F3Find next
Shift+ F3Find previous
Ctrl+ Shift+ F3Select and find previous
Ctrl+ Alt+ F3Find(volatile) next
Ctrl+ Shift+ Alt+ F3Find(Volatile) previous
Ctrl+ HReplace
Ctrl+ Alt+ IIncremental search
F7Search result window
F4Next search result
Shift+ F4Previous search result
Ctrl+ GGo to
Ctrl+ BGo to matching brace
Ctrl+ Alt+ BSelect all between matching brace


Ctrl+ F2Toggle bookmark
F2Next bookmark
Shift+ F2Previous bookmark


F11Toggle full screen mode
F8Focus on another view
Alt+ HHide lines
Alt+ 0Fold all
Alt+ Shift+ 0Unfold all
Ctrl+ Alt+ FCollapse current level
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ FUncollapse current level
Ctrl+ Alt+ RText direction RTL
Ctrl+ Alt+ LText direction LTL


Ctrl+ Num+ +Zoom in (Ctrl + Mouse wheel up)
Ctrl+ Num+ –Zoom out (Ctrl + Mouse wheel down)
Ctrl+ Num+ /Restore default zoom


Ctrl+ Shift+ PPlayback
Alt+ Shift+ STrim trailing and save


Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ XLaunch in Firefox
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shit+ ILaunch in IE
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ RLaunch in Chrome
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ FLaunch in Safari
Alt+ F1Get PHP help
Alt+ F2Google Search
Alt+ F3Wikipedia Search
Alt+ F5Open file
Alt+ F6Open in another instance
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ OSend via Outlook

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