121 Shortcuts for Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows)

MS PowerPoint shortcut keys in computer

Insert a new slideCtrl +M
Duplicate the current sideCtrl + D
Increase font sizeCtrl + shift+>
Decrease font sizeCtrl + shift+<
Change caseShift + F3
Apply superscript formattingCtrl+ equal sign (=)
Apply subscript formattingCtrl + shift + plus sign(+)
Remove manual character formattingCtrl + space bar
Center a paragraphCtrl +E
Justify a paragraphCtrl +J
Left align a paragraphCtrl + L
Right align a paragraphCtrl + R
CutCtrl +X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl +V
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Open find dialog boxCtrl + F
Select all objectsCtrl + A
Sell checkF7
opens save as dialog boxF12
End the slide showEsc
promote a paragraph in an outlineAlt + shift + left arrow
Demote a paragraph in an outlineAlt+ shift+ Right arrow
move selected outline paragraphs upAlt+ Shift+ up arrow
move selected outline paragraphs downAlt +shift + down arrow
Display outline heading level 1Alt + shift + 1
Expand outline text below a headingAlt + shift + plus sign(+)
Collapse outline text below a headingAlt + shift + minu (-)
Collapse or show all text or headingAlt + shift+ A
Show or hide the gridShift + F9
Show or hide the guidesAlt + F9
Run a presentationF5
Activate the pen tool during a showCtrl +p
Erase pen tool drawing during a showE
Turn off the pen toolEsc
Change the pen to a pointer during a showCtrl +A
Hide the pointer or pen during a showCtrl+ H
Move to the next hyperlink during a showTab
Make the screen go black during a showB
make the screen go white during a showW
Stop or restart an automatic showS
Return to the first slide during show1+Enter
Group itemCtrl+ G
ungroupCtrl+ shift+ G
During presentation, Go to slide numberSlide number+ Enter
Move clockwise among panes in normal viewF6
Move counterclockwise among panes in normal viewShift+F6
copy formatting of selected shapeCtrl+ shift+ C
Paste formatting only to another shapeCtrl+ shift+ V
insert hyperlinkCtrl+ K
View the complete slide showF5
View the slide show from the current slide forwardShift+ F5
Stop the show. Press s again to restart the showS
Select to the end of a wordCtrl+ shift+ right arrow
Select to the beginning of a wordCtrl+ Shift+ left arrow
Delete one word to the leftCtrl+ backspace
Delete one word to the rightCtrl+ Delete
SaveCtrl+ S
PrintCtrl + P

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