List of Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Desktop (Windows)

Find the List of Shortcuts for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

While bookkeeping and accounting tasks are crucial for any organization, they are tiresome and dull too. They take a lot of time and one mistake can do away all your hard work. Thus, there are shortcut keys that expedite common operations and work efficiently. QuickBooks, being a leading accounting software, also has many shortcut keys to breeze you through all sort of common as well as crucial tasks. Thus, it’s more useful to use your keyboard than your mouse to save both time and effort.

QuickBooks Desktop shortcuts for Windows

Check out the shortcuts keys to operate your QuickBooks in flow manner.

Shortcuts to Edit Transactions in QuickBooks

Ctrl+DelTo delete the selected line in a transaction
Ctrl+InsTo insert a blank detail in a transaction
Ctrl+Alt+YTo copy a line in an invoice
Ctrl+Alt+VTo paste the copied line to the appropriate row in the invoice
Ctrl+NTo create a new transaction or list item
Ctrl+DTo delete the current transaction or list item      
Ctrl+ETo edit an item in an item list or in a register
Ctrl+OTo check in the write checks/checks windows/check register: Use Ctrl+O to copy the check and then use Ctrl+V to create a copy of that check in case you are in the check register.
F5To refresh a list. This shortcut will only be available if you are in multi-user mode and have a list open. This key will force QB to go back to the database server and retrieve the latest copy of the list. If the list is being edited by multiple users, this may be useful. Please remember that the lists open at the same time should be refreshed.
Ctrl+HTransaction History (used inside a transaction)

Shortcuts for opening Windows List

+Increase the number in a form, such as a check/a check number or invoice number
Alt+STo save transaction (s)
Alt+NTo save transaction (s) and go to the next transaction
Alt+PGo to the previous transaction
TabGo to the next field
Shift+tabGo to the prior field
Up arrowGo to the previous line/row in a form
Down arrowGo to the next row in a form
Page upMove, in a form area or report, to the previous page
Page downMove to the next page
Ctrl+page upMove to the first item in a list/register
Ctrl+Page downMove to the last item in a list or register

Shortcuts for maneuvering

+              Increase the number in a form, such as a check/a check number or invoice number
Alt+S     Save transaction
Alt+N    Save transaction and go to the next transaction
Alt+P     Go to the previous transaction
Tab         Go to the next field
Shift+Tab            Go to the prior field
Up arrow             Go to the previous line in a form
Down arrow       Go to the next line in a form
Page upMove, in a form area or report, to the previous page  
Page Down         Move, in a form area or report, to the next page
Ctrl+Page Up    Move to the first entry in a list or register
Ctrl+Page DownMove to the last entry in a list or register

Shortcuts for opening & closing QuickBooks

CtrlPress Ctrl to start QuickBooks without opening a company file
AltPress this key to suppress or avoid opening the desktop Windows while opening a file

Date Shortcuts

+Proceed to the next day
Previous day
WFirst day of the Week
KLast day of the Week
MFirst day of the Month
HLast day of the Month
YFirst day of the Year
[(left bracket) Same day in previous week
](right bracket) Same day in next week
;(semi colon) Same date last month
(apostrophe) Same date next month
Alt+Down arrowShortcut to opens calendar for date selection (a small date calendar)

Memorized Transactions

Ctrl+MRemember the current transaction
Ctrl+TOpen the list of Memorized transactions

Misc Shortcuts

Ctrl+PGive Prints
Ctrl+R+PIn order to register in QuickBooks, you will have to enter a “validation code.” Open QuickBooks, choose Help and then About QuickBooks. Press Ctrl+R+P keys when the product splash screen appears where you can enter your validation code.
Ctrl+KQuickBooks Service Keys (Payroll)
Ctrl+Alt+Y Set up YTD Amounts. Open QuickBooks, choose Help and select About QuickBooks which opens the splash screen with license and other info. Now, press Ctrl+Alt+Y keys and enter year-to-date amounts for payroll.
F2 and Ctrl+B+QExport to QuickBooks Desktop Online. Press F2 and then Ctrl+B+Q. Select OK or close the Product Information screen.

Standard Text Editing shortcuts

DelDelete characters to the right
BackspaceDelete characters to the left
HomeShortcut to go to the first character in the field
EndTo the last character in the field
Ctrl+Right arrowGo to the next word in a current text field
Ctrl+Left arrowGo to the previous word

Shortcuts for Quick Reports

Ctrl+QTo open a Quick report
Arrow Up/Arrow DownGo up / go down a line
EnterTo show item detail and QuickZoom on a report
Ctrl+AHide/ show header
Ctrl+PPrint report or (ALT+T)
Alt+D, then down arrowChange Date Range of Reports
Alt+IEmail report as Excel or PDF

Shortcuts for Managing Invoices

Tab or Shift+TabJump to next / go to previous invoice field
Alt+aSave and close
Alt+sSave and New

Shortcuts to access Main Functions / Windows

Alt+C and EnterCompany > Home
Alt+U and Enter (or Ctrl+J)Customer Center > Customers & Jobs list
Alt+O and EnterVendor Center
Alt+Y and EnterEmployee Center
Alt+R and EnterReport Center
Ctrl+ICustomer Center > Create Invoice
Ctrl+RUse Register > select account
Ctrl+WWrite a new check
Ctrl+TOpen memorized transaction list
Ctrl+YOpen transaction journal
Ctrl+AOpen Chart of Accounts
Esc (or ctrl+f4)Close active window
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+TabJump to next / the previous Window while multiple sub-windows remain open

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